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Spring into Lobster!

Spring into Lobster!

With warmer weather comes thoughts of lobster bakes, grilling and seafood feasts.  Lobster Tails are highly versatile and profitable!

Tails can easily appear on menus as appetizers and center of the plate.  Even better they come in many convenient sizes, as seen here.

For this butter poached lobster tail recipe and more menu ideas, see this "guarenteed to make you hungy collection."


Full Vertical Network from boat to plate.


Our procurement team works closely with fishermen and boats to ensure a streamlined delivery from the dock to our customers. Our companies include buying stations, processing, sales and freight forwarding. We provide full vertical integration.

State-of- the-Art-Facilities

Along the North Atlantic Coast our facilities sit in the heart of the fishing grounds from Nova Scotia, Canada to New Bedford, Massachusetts in the USA. We offer MSC Chain of Custody Certification for many of our seafood processing facilities.

Sustainable Business

Our goal is to increase the value of seafood worldwide to all partners, through ongoing education and by exceeding industry standards for corporate environmental and social responsibility. Plan Green works to support important initiatives through renewable resources focusing on five areas of change: energy, waste, community, education, and sustainability.

Quality Products

Our companies provide high quality products and services, fulfilling customers' requirements across the globe. Regardless of the location, we can ensure delivery, with full control of the cold chain, of top quality products from boat to plate, 365 days a year.

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