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Offering sustainable seafood and world class lobster, East Coast Seafood has built a reputation on quality and expertise.  With a fully integrated vertical network and state-of-the-art-facilities, the company remains a seafood leader from the wharf to the plate. 

educing the Carbon Footprint! Each Laitram FC Cooker with CoolSteam saves approximately 4,500 gallons of diesel This is the same as taking 7.5 cars off the road per Laitram FC Cooker with CoolSteam.*

Recently we introduced Laitram Machinery's CoolSteam cooking technique into our processing plant with a Laitram's FC Cooker which employs low-temperature steam plus convection to achieve higher product-to-steam ratios.

Using the CoolSteam method, Laitram's FC Cooker can cook more pounds of product while using less steam than other equipment in the industry. This means less energy used during production, and a better planet. In addition, low-steam cooking enables greater retention of the natural proteins in the product, improving yield and taste. The end result is a better-tasting product with less energy consumed during the cook process.

How does it Work?

CoolSteam is a forced convection cooking method. In this process, a low-temperature mixture of air and steam is constantly circulated inside the Cooker, distributing heat efficiently and uniformly. Product is cooked consistently using less steam than traditional cookers.

*Assumes an average 15,000 miles at 25 miles per gallon per car per year.

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