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Quality Control

Committed To Providing Safe, Top Quality Products

From the very beginning, East Coast Seafood has held quality control as an integral part of their business. When building the new plant on Deer Island East Coast Seafood established onsite testing facilities and hired Tad Pawlowski, as Director of Quality Control, to oversee various product assurance programs. Today, dedicated employees at East Coast Seafood facilities receive, test, pack and prepare to ensure the quality and safety of lobster and seafood products. 


Live Lobster Testing

Exceeding Industry Standards

The testing aspects of East Coast Seafood quality regime are especially crucial for lobsters, which are often stored in the Deer Island, New Brunswick five acre natural live lobster pounds.  These lobster pounds are considered some of the largest in the world, and are continuously monitored for temperature and oxygen levels.

Quality Control ensures that East Coast Seafood lobsters pass a strict set of tests. The first test begins with a representative sample of each shipment arriving at the Deer Island plant. Blood protein levels are checked along with shell strength to ensure top quality live lobsters are selected. In addition, the Deer Island processing facility maintains high standards of sanitation and has an in-house lab to provide immediate testing results.

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