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Offering sustainable seafood and world class lobster, East Coast Seafood has built a reputation on quality and expertise.  With a fully integrated vertical network and state-of-the-art-facilities, the company remains a seafood leader from the wharf to the plate. 

Economic Impacts
Investing in the Future of the Industry

Based on several key factors, intensive education for retail and food service buyers around Homarus americanus can spark measurable change within the lobster industry and area fisheries.

Canada is the world's seventh-largest exporter of fish and seafood products, providing more than 130,000 jobs to Canadians. Atlantic lobster is Canada's most lucrative fishery and is a high-quality, healthy food with high consumer appeal. It is the economic mainstay of approximately 1,500 communities in rural and coastal Canada.

There are almost 10,000 licensed lobster enterprises employing almost 30,000 harvesters. The economic impact on communities along the North Atlantic seaboard reaches well beyond the fishery. The lobster industry's high concentration of support industries generates employment opportunities for countless residents in almost every Northeastern coastal community in the US and Canada.

Education for lobster customers can create a positive economic impact within fisheries by creating new sales opportunities. Facility tours and education around respective products, leverage instant credibility. With nature-driven products like fisheries, the pristine environment coupled with production is literally priceless.

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